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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Worms 3D for PC

Amidst a sea of technologically advanced shovel-ware and software popularized based purely on theme, a few franchises still cling to the past and prioritize good old-fashioned pick-up-and-love-it fun over everything else. The Worms series, which encapsulates a number of well-received multiplayer titles across a wide range of consoles, falls into the latter group.

A simple premise mixes with a spectacular amount of gameplay options for an end experience that is intuitive, filled with strategic elements and extraordinarily satisfying.
But of course that describes Worms as it was -- a multiplayer-centric battle series played on flat 2D landscapes. Two or more teams of worms use a variety of unique and often humorous weapons in an attempt to destroy their enemy. The franchise has hooked audiences with this formula since it was first unveiled so many years ago. And now, the inevitable has arrived: the jump to the third dimension.

Developer Team 17, which created the Worms games of yesteryear, has attempted to stay as true to the Worms recipe as possible with the franchise's transition to 3D and it has largely succeeded. Long-time fans will recognize the overall control and play mechanics employed in this sequel. Plus, much of the humorous one-liners -- another staple of the series -- have moved over intact. And naturally the battlefields, now in full 3D, allow for a wider and less constricting experience. But the openness of 3D has not come without faults and drawbacks, many technical in nature.