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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Farm Craft 2 - Global Vegetables Crisis

Dig into the fruitful fun of Farm Craft 2 - Global Vegetable Crisis, and save the world's farms from producing suspicious foods. A smalltime farm girl turned CEO of the Tomato Corporation, Ginger loves putting fresh and healthy foods on the plates of people everywhere. On a trip back home to visit her grandparents and original farm, she quickly stumbles across a rival corporation selling experimental seeds to farmers. They claim to produce wonderfully large crops, but Ginger soon discovers a devious plot full of international intrigue that takes her around the world helping farmers.

Join Ginger on her quest to aid farmers in this lively ranching adventure. Use your farming skills to plant seeds, sow crops, and raise farm animals. But while you're restoring the farms with healthy foods, be sure to investigate the shifty competitor and grab samples of their experimental crops. Can you figure out their devious plans and stop them from controlling all farms?



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