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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chord Pickout v2 for PC Full Version

Use your PC to guess chords to your favourite songs! With Chord Pickout, guitar and piano players can get chords to popular songs right away. Guitar fingerings are available to guitarists for easier playback. No need to wait for official scores and lyrics! With Chord Pickout, you can pick out chords from live music, converting a song into a perfect score completely automatically. Its powerful editing capabilities allow modifying and printing scores and lyrics.

Convert Live Music into a Perfect Score
Just download a tune and save it into a WAV, MP3 or other supported file, load it into Chord Pickout, sit back and relax. Chord Pickout uses all the power of artificial intelligence to pick out the chords for you, transcribing the music and producing a printable and editable score. All that is completely automatic.

Designed for You 
Chord Pickout does not require you to have perfect pitch. If you want to play popular songs, you can get the chords without a hassle. With Chord Pickout, you can get perfect scores every time with little knowledge of music or notations.

Built-in Chord and Lyrics Editor
Chord Pickout comes with a built-in editor allowing you to add or edit chords and lyrics any time. You can also print the score complete with lyrics for off-line use.

Play Popular Songs on Guitar, Piano, and Other Instruments
Chord Pickout can produce chords playable on a guitar, piano, and a variety of other musical instruments. Guitar players can get fingering added to the scores during the recognition. No need to wait for official scores - just run Chord Pickout and let it pick out the chords for you!

  • Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A, WAV & CD Audio formats
  • Automatically picks out chords and produces a printable score
  • Easy to use for musicians and ordinary folks
  • Comes with built-in chord and lyrics editor
  • Prints scores and lyrics of a song
  • Supports guitar fingering
  • Competitively priced and instantly delivered
DOWNLOAD (1.5mb)