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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crazy Rings for PC

Tame lions, monkeys and bears before they stampede out of the zoo in Crazy Rings, an entertaining encounter for all ages. There's a riot going on at the zoo and only you can stop it! Animals are escaping and the only way to get them back into their habitats is to corral them. Capture the wayward critters and restore the peace in this colorful marble shooting game filled with hilarious animations, lighthearted music, and comical contraptions.

Play more than 100 levels crammed with dozens of fresh ideas to make this a truly unique experience. The game starts of quite easily, but soon you'll be up to your neck with laughable surprises. Try Campaign, Zen, and Free Play modes; Enjoy fantastic power-ups like the hambone or all-mighty carrot; Use helpful extras like the raging rhino or the terrible tranquilizer.

 Corral zoo critters before they escape in this whimsical Match 3 challenge.
 Play more than 100 marble shooting type levels with dozens of fresh ideas.
 Enjoy Campaign, Zen and Free Play modes.
 Use fantastic power-ups including the Hambone, Raging Rhino, and more.
 Have fun with hilarious animations, lighthearted music, and comical contraptions.



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