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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Foreign Legion Multi Massacre

Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre, the far too long awaited follow up to Buckets of Blood. The game is a fun for all (even mac users) multiplayer cartoon-style third-person shooter. With your friends (if you have some) you take the role of a Legionnaire to shred a huge army of non-descriptive cannon fodder to lots and lots of pieces. This kill count is added to the global kill count,that unlocks new content for all players, including mac users.

And since the game is 18+ we added some pictures with female flesh Wooooooh! good there is so much gore to hide it.
  • Features:
  • Various Steam achievements: annoy other players by honking your
  •  clown-nose 500 times during the game and achieve the AssClown status.
  • Play co-op and compare your bloodshed with your team players.
  • Uses steam cloud and even syncs your unlocks and progress from Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood.
  • A re-mixed dynamic sound track. By DJ TRILT!
  • Invite your friends to your game using the Steam friends system.
  • If you dont have friends on steam, don’t worry, you can also just join an open lobby..
  • You can kill people that use a mac and are trying to play the game with a single button mouse or a touch-pad.