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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Angry Birds Seasons v2.4.1 Piglantis

Welcome to beautiful Piglantis! Things work a little differently in this aquatic wonderland -- try flinging the birds underwater and see what happens! Think you can defeat the King Pig in his tropical lagoon kingdom? In these 30 stages you'll get to play with water physics, as birds can dive into the ocean before shooting back out. This can be used to make sneaky submarine attacks on the pigs, and dislodge their structures from beneath.

  • Play through 30 ALL NEW LEVELS in the fantastic kingdom of Piglantis!
  • Delight in the new water physics -- hint: pigs sink!
  • Explore the underwater ruins of Piglantis!
  • Groove to the aquatic sounds of the lost pigilisation!


  1. Thank you very much!!!!!

  2. thank you misteer

  3. thanx a lot you guys rock...