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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mystery Series: A Vampire Tale

Europe, 1928. It is the age of electricity and Caroline, the unsuspecting and loving daughter of an illustrious French mythologist is about to uncover the secrets of a land where folklore and mystery are still alive, a world in which time itself seems to stand still – Transylvania.
Naively disregarded as childish myths or fairy-tales, the legends about Secret Vampire Societies remain fascinating only for a few eccentrics. But behind the modern, electric lights of early 20th century European cities, an ancient war is still raging in utmost secrecy, an endless war for survival - a war for blood.

Royal Vampire clans are battling over their feeding grounds. This fight has no rules and shows no mercy. Throughout history few Children of the Night decided not to take part in the carnage, yearning for their lost humanity. But the bloodthirsty Vampire Clan warriors were quick to strike down even their own brothers who showed signs of weakness. Ages have passed, and in more civilized times humans forgot this and turned everything into legend. Little did Caroline know that the quest to solve her father’s mysterious disappearance would become part of the legend itself.

Her father gone without a notice and all clues leading to a gloomy castle near Hermannstadt, the heroine will follow the professor’s trail and enter the legendary world of Transylvania. Here she will uncover dark secrets and learn about things which never seemed possible, not even in her wildest nightmares. Prepare yourself to assist Caroline in solving the twisted puzzles and mysteries which stand in her path.

  • Original concept art: “Mystery Series – A Vampire Tale” willintroduce you to a unique Vampire universe depicted in gothic style concept art.
  • Captivating plot: Unprecedented twist of events as the story unfolds. You will find yourself caught in the middle of Vampire Clan wars for domination.
  • Authentic atmosphere: Drawing its inspiration from folkloric legends and tales, A Vampire Tale recreates an authentic Transylvanian atmosphere.
  • Good replay value: Replayability provided by random hidden objects system and competitive scoring



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