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Friday, October 21, 2011

School Tycoon Full - Cat Daddy activated

School Tycoon features over 50 different types of buildings to construct. Classrooms, athletic complexes, skate parks, maintenance buildings, pop machines, snack machines and cafeterias are just some of the many buildings you can choose from to construct your school. Manage your school in 24 challenging scenarios split across 3 levels of difficulty. You can also build the ultimate campus in open sand box mode.

DOWNLOAD - (233mb)


*Download both parts, extract using Winrar.


  1. The file has been removed in filesonic due to copyright claim.
    Kindly check onto that !

  2. Please use other mirror. You can submit your mirror to in this comment section

  3. Hey u should upload the files to mediafire cuz there r no speed limits and no waiting time!!
    and try to get free domain name for example now your long url is
    after getiing the domain name it'll be
    give it a try..