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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maple 15.01 x64/64bit activated minified 200mb

Maple 15 - Environment for a wide range of mathematical transformations and the creation of technical documentation, indispensable for modern engineers, mathematicians and scientists. The program interface allows to solve many problems - from basic design calculations and algorithms to the development of complex models, logic simulation and mathematics education. Computer Algebra System Maple, has a convenient graphical interface, allows symbolic and numerical solution of differential equations and calculate integrals.

Maple 15 also introduces a new model for writing your own parallel programs using parallel primitives. Your computation will be distributed across all cores on your desktop computer. Then, using the Grid Computing Toolbox, the exact same code can run on hundreds or thousands of nodes on a cluster or supercomputer. In addition, Maple 15 allows you to write your own multi-threaded programs in the Maple language. Such programs take advantage of shared memory between cores and are more suitable to fine-grained parallelism than the heavier distributed models. No matter what size a problem you want to solve, Maple 15 will scale with your needs.

Maple 15 is not just for math, either. Application areas like control design, physics, statistics, finance and code generation have all seen significant enhancements. I hope you will find Maple 15 as exciting as I do Please let us know about your experience. Maple is great but we can always improve and we are eager to listen.

DOWNLOAD - 200mb (zip)


  1. banyak file dah broken la link dia...

  2. then somebody should upload it and post mirror