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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Avantasia the Game

A novice in times of Inquisition questions his morals when he finds out the church will condemn his sister for heresy. A strange man shows him the door to a world where he will be able to find all the answers he seeks and save his beloved sister. Based on the metal opera of the same name.

  • Classic (RTP) look
  • High quality visuals
  • Enthralling plot faithful to the opera
  • Comedy and adventure
  • Optional quests
  • Dynamic alignment and character class system
  • Secret missions, maps, quests, enemies and items
  • New Game Plus
  • RTA (Real Time Action) Battle System based on the d20 system
  • Combination of two or more spells to make more powerful spells
  • Ability to learn skills from enemies
  • Overdrive/limit break skills unique for each character
  • GUTS system to avoid sudden deaths in an epic way
  • Intelligent enemies
  • Oversoul system for enemies
  • Animations
  • Zoom control
  • Caterpillar system
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Graphic notifications
  • Mini cinemas and "stands"
  • Minigames and puzzles
  • Global volume control