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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kane's Advocacy (Final) for PC

Kane's Advocacy is a game with no fighting where the focus is experiencing the various stories in the game and make choices that affect that quest and future quests from that quest line. It is read like a book with lots of reading. The quests themselves are not your typical fare but have personalities like living teddy bears, creatures that feed on bones, a sentient meteorite, and talking raccoons to name a few.

There are two towns: Ryson and Dirkley. Very soon after the start of the game you must choose which town to go to and this will be the town you explore for the rest of the game. Ryson: A lush area with lots of plants and animals. They are into nature and animals, and despise industry and the furthering of technology. Prefers things to be done with nature whenever reasonably possible. Strongly dislikes the killing of animals.

Dirkley: A barren area with very little vegetation. Because of this they have developed more towards industry including mining and metalworks. The game centers around the conflict between Ryson and Dirkley. Whichever town you choose you can partake in either town's goal to conquer the other. If you go to Ryson you can join Ryson and help them invade Dirkley, or join the Dirkley spies and help them conquer Ryson. The opposite is true for Dirkley.



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