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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monopoly by Parker Brothers for PC - Activated

This PC version plays just like the timeless board game classic, minus the set up and with a few added statistics. Chances are if it’s your second time playing the Parker Brothers Monopoly PC gameyou’ll be loading a saved game, as the virtual version is just like the physical form in that it takes forever to win.

If you’re starting fresh, your first job is to choose a token (no new ones here), then add up to three computer and/or human players. You can choose the difficulty of the AI players (but not your friends).
You can modify how you’d like to play by adjusting a slew of House Rules. You need to do this before you play, however, and not later in the game when you encounter how annoying it is to have to own an entire color set before you can build a house. House Rules I have always played by in the real game of Monopoly include collecting all tax money when someone lands on Free Parking and playing without that pesky even build law.

Play in the Monopoly PC game is the same as in regular Monopoly: roll the (rotating) dice – twice if you get doubles – and do laps around the board buying pretty much everything you can (the title deed will pop up with the option to purchase it or send it to auction).

When you land on somebody else’s property (denoted by a clone of their token at the top), you’re forced to pay up. Rent increases as the landlord remodels the place with houses and hotels, and personal money is replenished by $200 each time you pass GO.

You can suggest trades during any turn, but don’t assume you’ll always be able to con the AIs. The goal is to be the last player standing after all the others have gone bankrupt.



  1. when i load up the game, it blows up the game size to so big i can only see half of it and there for cannot play it... i have Windows 7 touch. please help...

  2. bet you are using netbook or tablet
    try it with your pc first