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Friday, November 11, 2011

IBM SPSS Statistics 20 Activated Minified 250mb

IBM SPSS Statistics - a full-featured system designed to solve business and research problems using data analysis. Using IBM SPSS Statistics, you can effectively analyze data, visualize the results in tables and charts, as well as to disseminate and implement the results.

Key Features:
Data access and data management:
Reading Excel files
Reading SAS data files 7, 8 or 9 versions
Ability to work simultaneously with several sets of data
Support for OLE DB data sources
Ability to import and export data in PASW Data Collection Interviewer Web
Access to databases by means ODBC (Oracle, SQL Server, IBM AIX)
Unicode Support
Export data to SAS and the current versions of Excel
The constructor exports to the database
Designer data restructuring
Designer dates and times
Search for duplicate observations
Visual categorization
Means of copying data properties

Designer diagrams, allowing you to quickly create any chart you need
Selection bar graphs, allowing to choose the best version of the graphical representation of your data
Language charting (Graphic Production Language)
Charts for variables with multiple responses
Diagram with two axes Y
ROC curves

Weekend results:
Export Results to MS Office: Excel / Word / PowerPoint
Export Results to PDF
Export results to HTML format
Means to control how OMS
Ability to view the output results PASW Statistics by other users PASW Smartreader

Improved syntax editor with support for code completion and color-coded instructions
Support for programming languages ??Python and R
The ability to create custom procedures and dialog boxes

DOWNLOAD (250mb)


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